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Three Pious Associations for Children
Inauguration on November 25 ( Mission Sunday)

On 25 November we will celebrate Mission Sunday and inaugurate the three Pious Associations for Children.


Jesus' Kids (JK). From age one to five inclusive.

Holy Childhood (HC). From grade 1 to 3 inclusive. (Age group 6,7,8).

Cherupushpa Mission League (CML). Grades: 4,5,6 and 7.

(Age group 9,10,11,12).


The aim of the Association is to help children walk with God, learn Christian virtues, grow in faith etc.


Registration: On Sunday 18 November, 2018 after the Holy Qurbana.


A tentative Action Plan for each month.

Let's start with one gathering a month.


November: Registration and Inauguration.

December: Christmas connected activities.


January: Bible-pictures coloring.

February: Bible-based action song.

March: Easter related activities.

April: About Puthu Njayar/St Thomas.

May: Mothers' day.

June: Fathers' day.

July: Something related to Alphonsa etc.


Your suggestions are most welcome!